Malika & Alexand



Altea, August 1st, 2017

General Info

Since we'll be in Altea for a week, here's the key dates and overall plan for the week.

Plan for the week:


We'll have a couple chill days to just explore and be on vacation.  On those days, we'll let everyone know what our plan is in case anyone wants to hang out with us or do their own thing for a bit.  Breakfast will be served in the hotel so that will be a good time to meet up in the morning.  We'll also set a time and place for dinner each night, so we can meet up then too or just meet back at the hotel at the end of the day.  From there we can play it by ear if we want to go out, chill by the pool, whatever.


Jul 27:  Fly into Altea. Check into the Aparthotel. Welcome dinner somewhere nearby with everyone.  We'll meet at the hotel and go from there.

Jul 28:  Dive Day - Alexand will book a dive for anyone who has their certification and wants to go.

Jul 29:  Guys / gals leave for bachelor / bachelorette.

Jul 30: Come back from bachelor / bachelorette.

Jul 31:  Chill day.  Get some sun.

Aug 1:  The big day.  We'll send out an updated schedule when we get there.  See the Wedding Day Plan page for more info.

Aug 2: Chill day. Get some more sun before it's time to go.

Aug 3: Check-out day


Wedding day dresscode:


It's going to be hot in August and we'll be by the beach, so Business Casual or Beach Formal attire is fine.  The ceremony itself will be on a veranda above the beach, so dress shoes won't get destroyed in the sand or sandals are fine too if you want to take a stroll along the beach at some point. Some nice beach formal shorts are fine too for the guys.


Wedding day meeting point & time:


On the wedding day a bus will be picking us up at the Aparthotel, so we'll all meet there near the lobby.  When we get there we'll give everyone an updated schedule on when to meet.


We will not return to the accommodation until after the wedding party (1 or 2 am) so bring what you'll need for the day.  Either a bus will take us all back at the end of the night or a shuttle will run for the last few hours to take people back at different times.


Please be on time !


For the wedding day, please be on time for the bus, as the coordinators, services, etc. will all be scheduled for certain times and won't be able to go too far beyond their schedules if people are late.




Speeches are welcome for anyone who wants to make one. Please let us know in advance if you would like to say a speech during the dinner when we'll have a mic so we can put it in the schedule.


Wedding Dinner:


The venue has a delicious 4 course dinner waiting for us.  Everyone will need to make their meal choices prior to the wedding in the Yoep-P website. Please see the Wedding Dinner page for more info.


Wedding Gifts:


We would be honoured just for everyone to be able to come, but if anyone would like to get us something, please see the Gifts page for more info on wish lists, etc.