Malika & Alexand



Altea, August 1st, 2017



To / from the Airport:

Once you arrive in Alicante, you can either grab a taxi, an airport shuttle (either a 10+ private shuttle booked by us, or a private shared shuttle that you will need to book yourself) or rent a car to get to the Aparthotel.  An airport shuttle will be the cheapest though but need to be booked in advance.


If you're arriving on July 27th, we will try to coordinate 10+ person shuttles to pick you up:


Please let us know what your arrivals times are in Alicante and we will coordinate a couple private shuttles to pick-up groups arriving around the same time.


Prices vary, but this would be the cheapest option if we can get 10+ people per shuttle (prices will be ~ 18 - 25 € per person, one way).


If you're arriving on a day other than the 27th (or we don't have enough people to fill the majority of another shuttle):


You can grab a taxi, public shared airport shuttle or rent a car.  The shared shuttle will be the cheapest and easiest but you will need to make a reservation yourself beforehand in the link below.  


To book your own spot in a private shared shuttle:


Website:  https://www.beniconnect.com/bookings/


Please choose Alicante Airport and "ALBIR" under the resort destination. Then select the "Express Connect Shuttle" option in the next step. From there fill "Vidalbir Aparthotel" under Accomodation Name and "Plaza de Venur, 7, Albir" under Accomodation Address and complete the rest of the booking.


To rent a car:


Our wedding coordinators recommend booking with Centauro in this region as they are one of the better, honest car companies with professional management and no hidden fees that can arise with other competitors.


Website:  https://www.centauro.net/en/widget/?vend=7592


To grab a taxi:


There are public airport taxis that will be at the airport which are licensed and more expensive or private taxis nearby which may or may not have a license but can be cheaper.