Malika & Alexand



Altea, August 1st, 2017


For accommodations, we have booked out a number of rooms in the Vidalbir Aparthotel in Altea / L'Afas del Pi.


Address:  Plaza de Venur, 7, Albir-Alfaz del Pi

Vidalbir Aparthotel:


We had the opportunity to book out the majority of the rooms in an Aparthotel near the beach.  We've chosen this Aparthotel since it's recently been upgraded, is quite reasonably priced and it looked like we had enough people to pretty much have the entire place to ourselves.  We were looking for something like this where everyone could be together which would make logistics easier to coordinate and make it easier for everyone to get to know each other and hang out for the days before and after the wedding day.


Right now we've blocked off 20 of the 23 rooms in the hotel for 7 nights from Jul 27 to Aug 3. In case anyone wants to change their dates for more or less nights, we've asked the wedding coordinators to set-up the booking website below (Yoep-A) so that everyone can book their rooms and dates individually.  An important note is that we've only blocked off those 7 nights, so if you would like to stay longer you'll want to book as soon as you can so that the extra nights don't get booked by someone else.


Each apartment sleeps 2 - 4 and comes equipped with a full kitchen in case anybody wants to buy groceries at the nearby supermarket and cook some days.  The location is right by the restaurant / shopping district to the West of Altea and is ~ 5 min walk from the main beach (Playa Albir). Breakfast is included as well.




For the 7 night stay we've booked out from July 27 to Aug 3, July prices are a bit cheaper than Aug prices, but the totals for the 7 nights worked out to be:


For 2 people in a room: 602.00 € (~ 43 € per person per night)

For 3 people in a room: 661.50 € (~ 31.5 € per person per night)

For 4 people in a room: 721.00 € (~ 25.75 € per person per night)


Booking Details:


Please go to the website below, enter in your desired dates and the password below and click "Show Accomodations" to be brought to our booking.  This will bring you to a page where you can see the Aparthotel details, pictures and book your room for 2 - 4 people. You'll need to put a 30% deposit and the remainder will be charged 1 month prior to the check-in date.


Website:     www.yoep-a.eu

Check-in:    Jul 27, 2017

Check-out:  Aug 3, 2017

Password:   20170801


Please let us know if you want to split your room with someone and we can send you a guest list of who's coming so that you can coordinate with them and decide who will book the room.